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  • The mellow ivory combination with beech is an excellent choice if u want a light room without brilliance of pure white

  •  4.2 cm Thickness
  • Evergreen also specialises in "Custom Service" or "Cut to Size" architectural veneered panels which provide the flexibility that you need. They can be customised so that your interior design fully matches with your creativity. W...
  • Evergreen’s new value-added product, Ever-Print, utilises new direct printing technology to print solid colours, wood grain designs, and decors directly onto an MDF surface without using paper or PVC as a base. The process of direct printing on...
  • Evergreen supplies standard 4' x 8' panels in both thin and thick MDF veneered with all kinds of species. We also produce veneer laminated MDF with UV sealer.

    Ever-Ply Veneered Boards