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    • Hydraulic Single Spindle Peeling Lathe
      Hydraulic Double Spindle Peeling Lathe
      This series of economically priced hydraulic single spindle peeling machines is especially developed to allow you to proce...
    • BT814 x 8/4B Precompressed Press

      Total Pressure 4000kN Press plate size 2700 x 1370 (mm) Working gap 300~1300 mm Working travel 1000 mm Diameter of oil vat 0320mm Number of oil v...

    • Nominal pressure 6000kN Hot-press plate sizes 2700 x 1370 x 42 (mm) Floor number 15 Working gap 70mm Diameter of vat 0400 mm Work travel 1050 mm Close speed 4m/min Motor ...


      500kN Workable sizes 1250 x 2550 (mm) Motor power 2740 x 1250 x 2605 (mm) Weight 2700kg

    • It can sand the following boards intensivelr of according to the required thickness: solid-wood board veneer flakeboard fiberboard semi-density flakeboard affixed flakeboard affixed airboard...

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