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    • Mutiara Motors Sdn.Bhd

      Mutiara Motors - Intro

      Mutiara Motors Sdn.Bhd, was incorporated on December 13, 1982. Its off...

    • Crescentech Traffic Signals

      CT provide state-of the art LED solution for the conversion of incandesent signals light .

      Installation of LED Traffic Signals Light can offer signficant savings in operation and maintenance cost res...

    • Function
      POW button: Press to turn on/off the device power. MODE button: Press to choose turbo timer auto or manual mode. MIN button: Press to increment the minute digit. Range from 0 to 9 min. SEC button: Press to increment the...
    • Feature:

      1)      Turbo Timer :

      -In this feature, we have given the option to the users to keep the engine fan running to cool the engine block, even after removing the keys. The engine will engine will ...

    • 1)     This system will convert the siren' s beep sound of your alarm system into buzzer sound.

      2)     When the alarm being trigger, the system will not convert the siren sound, it provides direct si...

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