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    • The Ideal Water Filtration System
      The Waterniser is designed to purity, alkalize, ionize and vitalize drinking water in one swift process without electricity. This unprecedented water filtration system incorporates the latest sscientific breakth...
    • Uses Lemon Grass, nature's strongest natural oil to prevent ethylene gas emission. This helps preserve the health nutrient in food & Freshness. Best use in Refrigerator and Freezer.

      Distributors Wanted : for details kindly contact

    • Anti-Odor Spray for shoe

      Essential oil is oil extracted form plant. Green Lemon Essential Oil is non-toxic when used externally. It is extremely versatile and has natural properties of anti-bacteria.

      Sweat from our feet smell...
    • Laboratory tests show that DeoCool natuarally Eliminate and Controls the dangerous bio-contaminants commonly found in Air-Conditioning system.

      These bacteria can cause - Respiratory infection, lung infections, flu like symptoms, pneumonia,...

    • Effectively repels insects using only natural plant extracts as ingredients, with lemon grass fragrance, it is excellent for enclosed spaces such as closets, Cloths and Document Cabinets, Kitchens and Bathrooms.

      Distributors Wanted : for d...

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